As a courtesy to our guests we offer a centralized Wine Pick-up service. To make your pick ups more convenient, you may want to bring your own Return Address labels that you can attach to our Wine Pick Up stickers, rather than having to write your name and address for each purchase, but don’t forget to fill out your phone number so we can contact you if you forget your wine.

Your purchases will be held in our Pick Up Tent outside the festival area for pick up as you leave.  The Wine Pick Up tent is located in the rear of the main parking lot (back towards the 4-H Gate).

Use of the Wine Pick-Up Service is completely voluntary, you are welcome to carry your purchases with you or take them to your car and return as many times as you like as long as you are wearing your wristband. The Wine Pick-up area is for Wine purchases ONLY and cannot be used for other goods. If you are purchasing a large item, ask the vendor to hold it for you and contact one of our staff members to assist you in moving it to your vehicle when you are ready to leave.

How the service works:

As you enter the festival, you will pass through our “Meet and Greet” tent to receive your tasting glass and guest bag. In your guest bag you will find sheets of self-adhesive wine pickup labels.

Wine Claim Check Label

When you make a wine purchase you fill out the label COMPLETELY and give it to the winery so that they can attach the bottom half to any purchases you would like to be held at our Wine Pick-Up area.

You keep the top half of the label to show at our Wine Pick-Up area. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you have completed all items on BOTH HALVES of the label and that you have the labels to present at the Wine Pick-Up area when you are ready to leave.

The Hudson Valley Wine & Food Fest is not responsible for wine that is not picked up or mis-placed because labels were not filled out completely or improperly attached to packages.

Please Note: it takes approximately 45 minutes for wine to reach our Wine Pick-Up area, be sorted and ready for pick up. If you plan on leaving the Fest before that time, you may not want to use the Pick-Up service and take your items directly to your vehicle or carry them with you.

We will stop picking up wine from the wineries at 3:30pm each day.