new york breweriesNew York Craft Beer

Over the past several years, New York Breweries have been exploding with a new selection of Craft Beers.  We are proud to offer the best New York breweries and craft beers around. View our large selection of attending breweries for 2018, featuring some of the region’s best craft beers under our Beer Pavilion.

Hard Cider Producers

Hard cider interest is growing at a rapid pace, and our expanding list of hard cider vendors proves just that. Governor Andrew Cuomo has signed many new laws in the last decade to promote craft beverage making and New York state agriculture. New York State, and our Hudson Valley home in particular, is known for its apples and large orchard selection, providing us with some of the finest apple cider and hard cider in the country.  You’ll find a growing list of cider producers at our event both in our Beer Pavilion and inside with the wineries.

Distilled Spirits

With recent changes in New York Liquor Laws, we’ve seen an expansion in the number of New York & Hudson Valley distilleries that attend our event.  Now you have the opportunity to sample and purchase high quality distilled spirits like moonshine, whiskey, vodka, and rum.